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CROSSOVERS LIVE! is a talk show featuring celebrity guests who have crossed over from theatre into film and tv, or the other way around, interviewed by a celebrity host who is also a crossover artist. Inspirational, instructive and often hilarious, CROSSOVERS LIVE! presents an in-depth look at these stars’ careers while exploring how theatre has impacted their artistic journeys.

Created by: Tom Wiggin

Executive Producer: Jenn Dumas Wiggin and Hope Shangle

Co-Executive Producers: Allyson Rice, Allyson Tucker Mitchell, Brian Stokes Mitchell Tom Wiggin

Status: One season completed, season two in production.

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Terrifying falls out of buildings, high speed chases and elaborate fight scenes in mini skirts and high heels is the unique domain of professional stunt women. Badass: Hollywood Stuntwomen, Vol. 1 shines the light on female   stunt performers, going behind the scenes to reveal their work, their lives, and their hearts and minds as they celebrate triumphs and stare down challenges in a male-dominated industry.

Status: In Development

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World Class is an unscripted series that follows luxury travel planner Shanna Dickerson to exotic locales where she researches stunning properties for her clients, samples local culture, and engages in humanitarian causes.

Creator: Shanna Dickerson

Director/Writer: Tom Wiggin

Executive Producer: Jenn Dumas Wiggin and Hope Shangle

Status: In Production. Pilot, sizzle, and pitch deck are available upon request.

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What's Your Medicine? is a first-person docu-series that adventures to exotic locations around the world to uncover health, wellness, and longevity mysteries. International model and humanitarian activist Lane Carlson takes expeditions to local doctors, scientists, and anthropologists to discover the ancient secrets and experience the healing practices himself. From poisonous frogs to potent magic mushrooms to intense ice water submersion, there's nothing Lane won't try.

Creator: Lane Carlson

Status: Optioned.

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Music Makers is a vibrant new series that celebrates artists old and new whose music is familiar, but whose names are not. The roster reaches across the musical spectrum to include players, producers, songwriters, conductors, even instrument builders.

Creator: Tom Wiggin

Status: Pitch is available upon request.

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City of Compassion is a four part, narrator-driven docu-series that reveals how one San Francisco community used social and political action to fight against AIDS and lead the charge to legalize compassionate use marijuana.

Creator: Atomic Focus Entertainment

Status: Pitch deck is available upon request.

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(insanely) Talented is a docu-series that exposes the prevalence of mental health conditions among society’s most innovative artists, using luminous celebrities paired with up-and-coming artists.

Created by: Zak Sandler

Cinematographer: Tyler Milliron

Status: Optioned.

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Let's Play is a docu-series that travels across the United States to explore the joy of creation for young theatre artists. Follow students of youth performing arts programs as they learn, grow, and give their heart and souls to the art form they love. The theatre. In each uplifting episode, experience a new group of thespians in a new town, as they discover the powerful lessons that life has to offer.

Creator and Executive Producer: Jenn Dumas Wiggin

Status: Created project.  Two episodes completed. 

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